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This Vocabulary Crossword will help student practice the vocabulary terms for MaWD 2.01 Raster Graphics Vocabulary.

Download the html file and incorporate it in your lesson. The list of words and descriptions are

NATIVE FILE FORMATS: Editable file formats that are proprietary to a specific program that generally lacks portability and is not meant to be used with other software.
GIF: Graphics Interchange Format a Standard format on web for animation.
JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group-Commonly used for:Desktop publishing images;Photographs and natural artwork;Scanned images and Emailing photographs;Digital camera photographs
PSD: Native file format for Adobe Photoshop
STANDARD FILE FORMATS: file formats that can be used with a variety of software programs.
PNG: Portable Network Graphic-Commonly used for: Replacing GIF and TIFF images and Online viewing of images.
TIFF: Tagged Image File Format- Commonly used for: Storing raw bitmap data by some programs and devices such as scanners; High resolution printing and Desktop publishing images; Storage container for faxes and other digital images
RASTER GRAPHICS: Also called bitmaps, are images composed of grids of pixels that have a fixed resolution (number of pixels per inch) and cannot be resized without losing image quality. Raster graphics are edited in paint programs.
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- Partial alignment by covering only the vocabulary part of standard and should be considered as part of a unit that would address the standard
- No learning objectives have been indicated in the resource
- No assessment strategies have been indicated in the resource, so users should plan to add some type of assessment
- Strengths: In-depth list of vocabulary words, availability to change crossword puzzle


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