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GEDB Access to Education: Global Skype Connection (Lesson 6 of 6)
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The following lesson is optional.These are two Skype lessons that were planned with a 2nd grade teacher from Guatemala, for our students to connect and meet one another via a virtual form of communication using Skype. I was connected with a class in Guatemala with the help of Teachers 2 Teachers Global (For more information see Digital Resource for Skype Project in the Instructional Unit). The purpose of this activity was so that my 2nd grade Dual Language students could communicate in Spanish with a 2nd grade class in Guatemala who was learning English at their school. This lesson was developed by Gabriela Bermingham as part of their completion of the North Carolina Global Educator Digital Badge program. This lesson plan has been vetted at the local and state level for standards alignment, Global Education focus, and content accuracy.            

English Language Arts
Social Studies
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Lesson Plan
Melody Casey
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