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The Progressive Era - Lesson Plans
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This series of lessons can be used when teaching about the Progressive era. In the first lesson, students will be able to define Progressivism and link it to past and present social issues. In the second lesson, students will learn about the formation of labor unions in the United States and how businesses responded. The third lesson provides background information about stikes in the United States during the progressive era, including the Homestead and the Pullman strikes. Lessons 4-7 focus on the coal mining industry and the lifestyles of those who worked in the mines. In the eighth lesson, students will examine problems between management and labor, and what happens when compromises cannot be achieved. In Lessons 9, 10, and 11, students learn about the Ludlow Massacre and examine the link between history and current events. Lesson 12 examines the long-term effects of the Progressive Era and labor strikes in the United States. In the final lesson, students analyze oral histories to better understand the Progressive Era.

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