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Students will collaborate with a group of students and select a Culture Project to complete together in school.  The group will choose, design and plan and implement what the groups roles will be and what materials are needed to complete the project.  The teacher should allow the students to work on projects in school so that equal participation is taking place and can be observed. The students may select the countries in the folktale unit to research or one of their own as long as the project goals are met and agreed upon by all members in the group.This lesson was developed by Lisa Bruet as part of their completion of the North Carolina Global Educator Digital Badge program. This lesson plan has been vetted at the local and state level for standards alignment, Global Education focus, and content accuracy.            
Dance, Music, Visual Arts, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies
Lower Primary
Grade 2
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on Jul 01, 02:49pm Evaluation

Focus: Strong (2)

There are a great many standards for which this resource is aligned. In order to assist the instructor and students with specific target objectives, there really needs to be at most 3 ELA or Social Studies Objectives.

on Jul 01, 02:49pm Evaluation

Evaluation: Superior (3)

Students can engage in multiple extension activities which aid the instructor to differentiate the instruction of this topic. By providing a variety of interdisciplinary activities, all students have an opportunity to access and demonstrate mastery of the content.

on Jul 01, 02:49pm Evaluation

Engagement: Strong (2)

This resource clearly promotes collaboration, communication, and creativity. Because of the targeted age demographic, the critical thinking aspect will need to be teacher facilitated and led to help students arrive at an appropriate level of critical thinking.

on Jul 01, 02:49pm Evaluation

Accuracy: Limited (1)

Although it is important for teachers to have clearly delineated expectations in the overview and descriptors of the activities, the course overview is very text heavy and could benefit from a revision to simplify and streamline the text. This would also aid in the presentation to students.

on Jul 01, 02:49pm Evaluation

Adequacy: Strong (2)

There needs to be a more explicit model for the activities provided in the Resource Library in order for students to produce a more accurate understanding and response of the objectives in this lesson. Again, there are many ways in which this resource can align to multiple standards in the NC Curriculum; however, the number of the standards needs to be scaled back.

on Jul 01, 02:49pm Evaluation

Appropriateness: Limited (1)

I did not see any attention to the specific explicit instruction or presentation of key vocabulary addressed in this resource. I will need to go back and review this aspect to answer it more directly and concisely. I think there needs to be more explicit teacher facilitation in the form of modeling/explanation of the concepts in this topic. I also believe there needs to be a consideration to not include so many standards. Assigning a maximum of three standards in the core areas of ELA and Social Studies would be more than appropriate and sufficient for the target audience.

on Jul 01, 02:49pm Evaluation

Purpose: Superior (3)

The Google Earth link was excellent and prove engaging and entertaining to this age demographic of 2nd/3rd grade. They will enjoy the interactive aspect of Google Earth as it relates to the background building of the selected folktales.

on Jul 01, 02:49pm Evaluation

Reliability: Strong (2)

I cannot assert that the technology function will perform as intended when it is used in a presentation. This is a topic for the instructor and a technology facilitator to engage in to determine the accessibility of these resources.

on Jul 01, 02:49pm Evaluation

Accessibility: Strong (2)

As noted in my comments for the reliability aspect above, this is a conversation to be had with a technology facilitator and it could also include a conversation with an EC teacher to determine what precise accommodations are required for individual students so they may show mastery of the topics covered in this resource.

on Jul 01, 02:49pm Evaluation

Motivation: Superior (3)

There are multiple learning modalities addressed within this resource, but it is up to the individual instructor or instructors (if this is a co-teaching setting) to determine if it is appropriate for their students. Overall, I believe students will thoroughly be engaged and their curiosity will be indulged in this resource.



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