U.S. History Inventor/Invention Project

U.S. History Inventor/Invention Project

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In teaching both U.S. History 1 and 2, I wanted to present students with a academic activity that would both engage them in doing individual research, and in using technology to present a creative, summay project.  The trick was finding a good topic that would attract student's attention.  In reviewing a Guilded Era book, I was impressed by the number of inventors and invetions from 1868 to about 1930.  And if I was itnersted, then I imagined the studnets might also be interested.

So I drafted a list of both inventors and inventions from 1868 to about 1930, and had students select one inventor/invention from the list to research.  My goal was to have students complete a power-point including background of the inventor/invention, uses for the invetion, and effects of the invetion on today;'s world.

Students were able to select at least 1 inventor/invention from the list, and as a class, begin drafting quesitons about both subjects and what should be included in their final project.  Following this "think-session" students spent class time in the computer lab researching both inventor and invention and developing a power-point.  Staff facilitated the reserach and project development, in finding reliiable websites, spellling and grammar checks, organization, and in selection of powerpoint features (background, animation, sound, etc)

Attached are the list I developed of inventors/invetnions, a graphic organizer to guide the research.and a sample I rubrics.

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