Teaching Theme with the fable "The Dove and the Ant"

Teaching theme using the text "The Dove and the Ant"

Before Reading: To prepare students for the fable, have each student create a circle map for the word 'ant.' Allow students to write down everything and anything that comes to mind when they think of the insect. Ask students to share some of their thoughts and ask questions such as "How big is an ant?" "Could a tiny insect like an ant have an effect on something large, like an animal or a human?" 

During Reading: Find several versions of the fable "The Dove and the Ant" and allow students to read the fable in small groups (teacher can choose to use one version of the "The Dove and the Ant" if it meets the needs of all students). Students can complete the Guiding Questions as they read in their small groups. 

After Reading: If the teacher chose to use various versions of the fable, groups can present a summary of their fable and then the class can have a discussion about differences between each. After (or if using the same version), have the class come back together to discuss the Guided Questions. 

Extension Activities: 
1. Research question prompt found on the Guided Questions p.2. 

2. Relating to current event - Have students research a current event that is affecting a large group of people. Students should use the idea of the small ant was able to have a large impact to think of a way he or she can help the situation at hand for the current event. 

Read the fable, "The Dove and the Ant". Complete the guiding questions based on what you have read. Once completed you will need to complete the research question prompt on page 2.