Cinderella around the world!

Cinderella around the world!

Building Background : Cinderella Around the World

Activate Schema:

What is a fairy tale? A fairy tale is a story that is a fantasy and can have magical imaginary creatures like dragons, elves, witches, giants, wizards, and fairy godmothers. 

What do all fairy tales have in common? Fairy tales usually begin with the phrase "once upon a time," and end with the phrase "and they lived happily ever after." All fairy tales have a good characters and evil characters. There is usually a problem involving a beautiful princess and handsome prince who must rescue her from an evil character in the story.

The Cinderella story is a fairy tale which has been told for many years, but the one that many people think is most popular is the animated cartoon version of Cinderella.

Links to Versions of Cinderella Story:

The class compares and contrasts the two stories using a graphic organize or Thinking Map. 

(Double Bubble or Venn Diagram)

Identify the elements of culture found in the stories using Amity Davis's graphic organizer:

Extension Activity

Divide the class into groups.

Provide these groups with another version of Cinderella.

Students will select another version of Cinderella and complete an additional Graphic Organizer or Thinking Map to identify similarities and differences in their selection. 

Let each group share a similarity and difference between their stories.  Provide groups sentence frames to identify similarities/differences in their version of Cinderella, then present their discoveries with other groups in the classroom.

The similarities between ____  and _____ is____.

The differences between  _____ and ____ is _____.



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