7th Grade Science: Severe Weather

7th Grade Science: Severe Weather

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Name of Project: Severe Weather


Project Description

Name of ProjectSevere Weather
Subject AreaScience
Targeted Standards7.E.1.3
Driving Question / Problem / ActivatorWhy do severe weather like thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes occur? What should people do in the events of such weather? Be the severe weather crew and let people know how to stay safe!
Project SummaryStudents will plan a severe weather report using information learned about severe weather phenomena.  They will use the iPads and green screens to plan and create their severe weather report. Students will let the general public know how such phenomena occur, how they should proceed and cautions to adhere to while the event is occuring.  
Estimated Time3-4 hours (1-2 hour to complete group research, 1-2 hours to create, rehearse and record the video)
Materials / Resources/Lesson Plans (including link to slideshow if available)iPadTouchCast for iPad TouchCast TutorialGreen Screen How does a green screen work?Examples of a severe weather report
TagsSevere weather, 7th grade science, tornado, hurricane, thunderstorm

Project Outline 

AskDo you know how severe weather occurs? What do you do in times of severe weather?
ImagineHow could a reporter explain to viewers how severe weather occurs? How could a reporter explain precautions the viewer should take when the severe weather is approaching?
PlanStudents will be assigned in groups of 3.4. Each group will be assigned a severe weather phenomena (hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms )Each group will research their severe weather and ways to stay safe when their severe weather occurs.Each group will create a severe weather report based on the following scenario:You are on the local news crew. Your news crew has been assigned to report on the severe weather expected to approach the local area soon. You have to explain to your viewers how the severe weather forms/occurs/happens, show a reporter from the scene of where the severe weather is expected to happen and explain safety precautions your viewers should take while awaiting the severe weather.
CreateEach student group will create a severe weather report based on their knowledge of their specified severe weather phenomena. Each group will have a reporter, meteorologist and news team that will explain how to stay safe and what precautions should be taken into account  during the severe weather event. Students will have the opportunity to rehearse their news report before videoing.Final video should include the following:
  • What scale is used to track the severity of your severe weather?
  • What characteristics describe your storm?
  • What kind of front or pressure system causes this weather?
  • What technology or instruments are used?
  • What type of damage can occur from your severe weather?
  • What safety precautions can we take to protect ourselves during your severe weather?
ImproveStudents will use the green screen to create backgrounds in their videos to create a news room, an on-the-scene- to show the severe weather location.  
Closure / Student Reflections
  1. Students will be able to watch other groups videos by uploading their videos to a padlet and sharing their reactions
Possible Modifications / ExtensionsModifications for less proficient students:
  1.  They can be assigned a simpler severe weather phenomena such as a thunderstorm, winter storm.
  2. The websites provided in the materials section coude given to these students
Modifications for higher level learners:
  1. They can be assigned a flash flood
  2. They can be responsible for their own research and finding their own websites
  1. Students could create their own quiz at the end of 3-5 questions

Evaluation (Pre/Post)  

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