Content Grammar

Content Grammar

The Opening of Book II


The second book of A Tale of Two Cities is called The Golden Thread . Listen as your teacher reads aloud the first paragraph, then join a partner as directed and work on the following. Here and throughout the lesson, note any questions you are unsure of for sharing with the whole class.

  • Briefly discuss with your partner what you think this second book may be about based on what you already know from the first book.
  • Together, read the opening paragraph aloud again. Highlight any vocabulary you are unfamiliar with or uncertain about. Jot down as annotations some possible ideas about the meaning of the words you highlighted based on what the paragraph tells you.
  • In a Quick Write, describe what you think it might be like to be an employee of Tellson’s.
  • When you have finished, share your Quick Write with your partner and talk about the differences you noticed between the Quick Writes.

Open Notebook

When you have finished this sharing, look up the meanings of the unfamiliar words and compare the appropriate ones with your partner’s thoughts.

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