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Antisocial Networking?

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In “Antisocial Networking?” Hilary Stout raises some concerns about the ways pre-teens and teens interact through contemporary technology. She theorizes that these types of interactions might prevent students from developing crucial skills in face-to-face interactions.

Listen to your teacher read a section of this text and demonstrate the kinds of annotations you’ll need to do on this article and several others over the course of developing your Unit Accomplishments.

Working with your teacher-assigned reading group, annotate your copy of the article, stopping every few minutes to check in and share notes. Here are some key annotations:

  • In your own words, identify Stout’s argument in the paragraph that begins, “Children actually used to talk to their friends.”
  • What evidence does Stout use to support her argument in the paragraph that begins, “Last week, the Pew Research Center found...”?
  • Note examples of the author’s evidence and write about how convincing you think it is.
  • Note a key sentence that sums up one of the author’s important claims and write a note on why you agree or disagree with it.
  • Do you think Stout is right in her assessment of the potential dangers of using short messages to communicate?

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