Viking Voyage Exhibit

Viking Voyage Exhibit

Interactive Elements


View the exhibit on the Viking Voyage and examine some of the methods they use to make the exhibit interactive.

Interactivity involves letting the audience make decisions about how to experience the exhibit. It can also mean asking for participation from the audience.

For example, the exhibit has a map that allows the audience to see the voyage in order, but it allows the audience to choose which part of the voyage to go to first. An audience member can choose to follow it in order or go out of order without getting lost.

In your museum exhibit teams, find two or three more examples of how the creators made the exhibit interactive. Then consider the following questions and take notes on your answers.

  • What does the exhibit ask you to do in order to gain more information from it?
  • How does the exhibit react to your actions?
  • How does interactivity make an exhibit more entertaining and informative?
  • How might you make your own artifacts and exhibit more interactive?

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