Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria

Exhibit Scoring Criteria


Listen as your teacher explains how the criteria below will be used to score your museum exhibits.

  • Theme. Has a clear theme that communicates a strong point of view.
  • Storytelling . Consists of a beginning that introduces the purpose clearly, a middle with interesting information and perspectives, and an end that leaves the audience thinking. Placards make an engaging script that moves cohesively from artifact to artifact. The story is told in a professional tone that integrates the voices of the team.
  • Artifacts . Has one or more interesting artifacts that act as hooks to draw in an audience. The hook artifacts provide a clear connection to the main ideas of the exhibit and to other artifacts.
  • Interactivity . Draws in the audience by responding to their actions and asking for their participation.
  • Culture . Captures a specific culture and communicates it clearly. Contains artifacts worth preserving.
  • Audience Perspective . Expands the audience’s perspective by challenging them with new concepts. Takes familiar things and helps the audience see them in a new way.
  • As you listen, take notes on how you think your museum exhibit would score in each category, and jot down a few ideas about how you can improve.

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