The History of Missionary Work & Colonialism In Africa

Background Articles

Work Time

Today, you’ll study the background information that will help you understand the changes that Chinua Achebe’s characters faced in Things Fall Apart . Different students will read different articles. You’ll be responsible for sharing the information you learn.

Throughout the year, you’ll have opportunities to work with classmates on Independent Reading assignments. Later in the year, you’ll choose longer works, such as novels, to read outside of class time in groups. Today, you’ll have the chance to choose your Independent Reading article, and you’ll read with a partner, without teacher support, to get a sense of how Independent Reading groups will work.

The articles you’ll choose from provide background information about Nigeria and colonialism.

  • Read through the descriptions of the articles and then choose which one you would like to read.
  • The full articles will be presented later in this lesson.
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