Personal Narrative (Final)

Personal Narrative (Final)

Work Time Options


Your final narrative must be finished and submitted before the start of the next lesson. Given that time frame, what can you accomplish during this Work Time?

Look through the Work Time options and select how you will spend today’s class time. Share your choice with your teacher.

  • Write, write, write: I have a good sense of what I need to accomplish and I will use all the time available to finish writing my final draft.
  • Peer Conference: I have been working with a classmate who I believe will be able to give me more useful feedback as I put the finishing touches on my revision. We will read each other’s work and talk through changes, then write.
  • Descriptive Language, Active Verbs, and Rhythm: I believe that my draft is strong in structure and development, and I want to enhance my language use. I will revise for active verbs, descriptive language, and sentence rhythm, using the protocol we practiced in Lesson 19.
  • Language Use: I believe that my draft is strong, but I am unsure about my language use. I will use the work we did in Lesson 22 to edit my final draft for grammar and conventions.
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