Experts On Political Satire

Political Satire Jigsaw: Round 1

Work Time

Meet with others who also annotated for the same area of satire in Swift’s novel. The idea is that you’ll learn enough from each other to become “experts” on your topic. That way you’ll have a good amount of information to share in your next group, where you alone will represent the first group and teach its findings.

Be sure to take notes, because you’ll be working solo to teach classmates in your next group. You alone have this responsibility; your group will look to you for information.

All that your class will learn today will come from students’ brains, not that of the teacher: you are in charge of your own learning. You might be surprised at how well this works!

Answer these questions as a group.

  • What does Swift have to say about your area of satire? Look back through the text and highlight any passages that you as a group think help answer the question.
  • For each example, explain what’s happening.
  • Then, interpret it: what do you think Swift’s philosophy on your area of satire was, given this text?
  • How does this philosophy fit into his view of people and government, in general, from what you’ve read?
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