Informational Rubric & Detailed Outline

Informational Writing Rubric

Work Time

With your teacher, review the features of the Grade 12 Informational Writing Rubric:

  • Introduction : There are two obvious ways to introduce the report. You can write about the issue, explain why it is important, and define terms, or you can use your summary of your Independent Reading book.
  • Organization : Think about the order in which you will present your ideas. Do you need to write subtitles for different sections of the report? Where will you fit in multimedia features?
  • Development : Include facts, details, examples, and so forth, to support your information.
  • Vocabulary : Use precise and formal language. Even though these reports are for your classmates, this type of writing should not be chatty or informal. Use transition words to connect ideas within a paragraph and definitely between sections of the report.
  • Closure : Write about the implications of your issue for the present time. You might even suggest what’s to be done about it.
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