Mung and Nitrogen (AIG IRP)

Stage 2: Elaborate

Design an experiment to test varying concentrations of nitrogen based fertilizers on plant growth and how the runoff from these fertilizers affects the growth of algae. Include-hypothesis, dependent and independent variables, controls, and how you will measure the effects of the nitrogen based fertilizer. Design an additional experiment to track the effect of the run-off on algae growth by researching and then testing the quality of the water in the “pond” as algal growth occurs. Students will analyze their data and compare it to research data to determine if the experiment they designed allowed them to generate useful data. If their results are questionable, they may need to redesign the experiment and gather new data.  Students will use the results of their experiment to create a brochure explaining the pros and or cons of using Nitrogen based fertilizers based on your data. Students need to research the impacts of nitrogen on the ecosystem and then use their own data to determine if the pros outweigh the cons. The students need to be able to communicate their findings to others in a report or presentation to the class.