Comparing Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas Air)

Comparing Matter: Observe 3 plastic ziplock bags. One filled with ice cubes, one filled with water, and one filled with air (breathe into and close). Write your observations below. Try to come up with as many adjectives to describe each bag as you can.

Frozen BagLiquid BagAir Bag

 Some observations may be similar between states of matter. Use the word bank and your observations to complete the Venn Diagram.

WORD BANK – Use the following Words to complete the Triple VENN Diagram on the following page.

ChangeStates of MatterAir












Everything on the Earth is matter and all matter takes up space and has mass. Matter usually appears as a solid, a liquid, or a gas. Solids take up space and have their own shape. Liquids take up space and do not have a shape but take the shape of their containers. Gases take up space, are see through, and do not have shape. Based on your observations and Venn Diagram, complete the following

How would you define matter?    
What do you observe about the properties of solids? Liquids? Gas?    
What notes/words/ideas do you want to remember about matter?  
Create 5 questions based on your VENN Diagram.