Remix Parts of a Plant

Create a Plant Flip Book

1. Introduce the topic you will be discussing today - parts of a plant and their functions (jobs).  Have students brainstorm names of different parts of plants (roots, stems, leaves, flowers, trunks, branches, stalks, buds, etc.). Circle/emphasize the parts of a plant you will be learning about today (roots, stems, leaves, and flowers).  Have students record the names of the parts they will be learning about today on their flipbook template (the names should go on the left hand side - one name in each box).  Share with students that each part of the plant has a different job to help the plant survive.  Students can make predictions about what they think the jobs of each part of the plant are.

2. Read aloud a book about the parts of plants and their functions from your school or classroom library.  While reading, have the students record the functions of each part of the plant in their flipbook template (the functions should go on the right hand side).  After reading, share what students found to be the function of each part of a plant (make corrections as needed).

3. Fold the flip book in half on the center line (their writing should be on the inside of the book).  Have the students illustrate and color a plant on the front of the flip book.  In order for it to line up with the inside of the flip book, their plant must cover the entire vertical space on the front of the book (roots should be on the bottom quarter and the flower should be on the top quarter - stems and leaves should be throught the middle half).  When they are finished, have the students open their flip book and cut the lines between the names of the parts of the plants.  Only have them cut between the words flower, leaves, stem, and roots.  If they cut all the way across their flip book will be in pieces!!!

Flip Book Template