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Theme Poems: Writing Extraordinary Poems About Ordinary Objects

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In this lesson, students write theme poems using their content knowledge and sensory awareness of a familiar object. Students first learn about the characteristics and format of a theme poem. They then engage in an online interactive activity in which they select a graphic of a familiar object (e.g., the sun, a heart, a balloon), build a word bank of content area and sensory words related to the object, and write poems within the shape of the object. Finished poems are printed and displayed in class.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Janet Beyersdorfer

Weather Scope

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In this hands-on science unit, students conduct investigations on local and world weather and climate. There are five core lessons and additional supplemental and enrichment activities. The included Teacher Guide consists of detailed, printable lesson plans and curriculum standards covered. Included is a Student Gallery where teachers and students can view student work and upload their own student work. An Ask the Expert section is also included for any questions students may have.

Material Type: Unit of Study

Author: Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education

Book 1, Birth of Rock. Chapter 8, Lesson 1: Gospel Music: The Birth of Soul

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In this lesson, students will trace the influence of Gospel music on early Rock and Roll, particularly in R&B's embrace of such key musical features as the call-and-response and in the uses of complex rhythms. The class will make side-by-side comparisons of Gospel and early Rock and Roll songs, as well as work in groups to chart the overall influence of Gospel on a range of different popular music genres.

Material Type: Full Course

Careers for Music Lovers

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This resource provides an overview of different types of careers for music lovers. The first section profiles several occupations that involve music. The second section describes how you can prepare for a music-related career. The third section details some of the highs and lows of working in music. Employment, wages, and outlook are also reviewed.

Material Type: Reading

Author: U. S. Department of Labor

Plena, the People's Newspaper: Puerto Rican Music for the Classroom

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Maps, music, and video-recordings can be effectively used to discuss the present and historical incidence of the " plena" . In the way that rap music is referred to as "the people's" CNN, plena, an Afro-Puerto Rican musical form that has much in common with other Caribbean musical expressions, is sometimes referred to as "the newspaper of the people" as it expresses what is going on in the lives of working class people.

Author: Paulette Thompson