Tools 4 NC Teachers is a set of resources created by teachers, district leaders, and university faculty in North Carolina. The work was funded by a Mathematics Science Partnership grant. The materials and resources are intended to provide teachers and teacher-leaders with resources and not serve a complete curriculum. Questions related to tools4ncteachers resources here can be sent to Drew Polly, 


This site provides instructional resources to support the K-5 NC2ML Instructional FrameworksThe purpose of the Instructional Frameworks is to connect and sequence mathematical ideas to enable teachers to plan for learning opportunities for students to develop a coherent understanding of mathematics.  Many concepts are included in multiple clusters with increasing depth. They build across the year beginning with conceptual understanding and moving toward procedural fluency. 

Each Instructional Framework (Kindergarten,  Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5) containes 7-9 clusters.  Clusters include a list of related standards and a suggested duration. Standards indicate expectations by the end of the school year. Standards are introduced and developed throughout the year, so the fact that a standard is listed in a cluster does not indicate it is to be mastered in that cluster. In some clusters, strike-throughs in the standards denote a portion of the standard that will be taught later. 

The initial cluster at each grade includes a focus on building mathematical community.  This includes learning that mathematics involves productive struggle during problem-solving and meaningful discourse as students explain their thinking. In this cluster, norms about how students do and talk about mathematics need are established in the same way that other routines and expectations are introduced at the beginning of a school year.

Each grade contains four types of resources: Introductory Materials, Lessons, Instructional and Assessment Tasks, and Additional Resources.  The Introductory Materials contain two essential resources: About the Cluster and Family Letters.  About the Cluster includes a section called “What is the mathematics?” that describes the concepts and connections within the standards necessary for students to make sense of and use the mathematics. A second section called “Important Considerations”provides guidance based on student learning progressions as well as ideas and models for teaching within problem-solving situations. The Family Letters explain the math to be learned in the cluster, and provide activities for extending learning at home.


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