Ordered Pairs Activity with Mini Spheros

Ordered Pairs Activity, Part 2.

This is the second part of Ordered Pairs Activity, Part 1.  The answers from part 1 are used to plot points for part 2. 

Part 2:

  1. Provide students with an overview of Blockly coding and other instructions needed for them to complete the coding task i.e. where to start the robot (point of origin, etc.), how to aim the robot, roll, at speed, seconds (distance). 
  2. Students with their team will move to a coordinate plane in a designated area on the floor.  Students will need lots of space to spread out and move their robots.
  3. Students will plot the ordered pairs from station 3 and station 4, which will be 8 points on the large coordinate plane, with chips. You may also have them plot the ordered pairs from station 2. Use two different color chips i.e. station 3, red chips, and station 4, green chips. 
  4. Once the points are plotted then give the students their Chromebook, iPad, or iPod and Mini Sphero.

Preparation for activity: 

  1.  To save time I logged into the devices (Chromebooks) using my account and connected the robots before starting the class.
  2. Use a poster maker machine to make a poster-size image of the 8 X11.5 paper size coordinate plane. It is a good idea to laminate the poster-size coordinate planes.
  3. Use Bulletin board paper to make larger coordinate planes for the robot activity.  I made the floor/robot coordinate planes 2ft X 2ft.  
  4. Set up Stations 1 - 4, once the students get started then you can set up the robot stations. (If not they will walk on and tear up the floor coordinate planes).
  5. Team organization: two groups consisting of 4 teams i.e. Group 1, teams 1 - 4, Group 2, teams 1 - 4. 
  6. I printed large copies of the station instructions and placed the instructions at each station in a document protector.

Materials needed:

  • Chips, two colors
  • Dice 4 sets 
  • 2 sets Cards with ordered pairs (I made the card deck using index cards)
  • 8-pack of Crayola makers