K-1 Ricky the Rock That Couldn’t Roll

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Engineering Design Process

K-2: Ricky the Rock that Couldn’t Roll

Driving Question / ScenarioHow can your team get your rock to roll from one cone to the other?
Project SummaryAfter reading Ricky the Rock That Couldn’t Roll, students will engineer a slope/hill and see if they can get a non-spherical rock to roll the length of it. Students will be given 4 (fake) dollars to buy materials according to their plan
Estimated Time45 min.
Materials / ResourcesKEVA planks, cardboard tubes, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, tinfoil, Playdoh, tape, play dollar bills, rocks that are NOT round, cones or spots to determine length of the slope
Lesson Slides
StandardsK.P.1.1;  1.E.2.1
Project Outline
AskHow can your team get your rock to roll from one cone to the other?
ImagineLook back at pictures of the rocks rolling down the hill in the story.
  • You can’t move the rock in any way - it has to roll on its own.
  • You can only use materials given or purchased
Work with your team to draw out your plan (planning sheet included on last slide of Google Slides for this lesson) and create your shopping list.
CreateStudents will visit the “store” and create their slope and rock modifications according to their plans.
ImproveStudents will be constantly making improvements as their plans change with testing.
Closure / Student ReflectionsDiscuss as a group what was the hardest part of the challenge, what modifications worked the best, what would they purchase differently next time (if anything)
Possible Modifications / Extensions 
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