U.S. History II weekly video

U.S. History Decades Summary

In teaching U.S. Hisotry 2, I came across two issues.

One, how to occupy/engage students in revieiwng content while I was teaching U.S. History 1 content.

Two, how to assist students in developing an understanding of how historical events can and do impact the world today.

So, I developed a series of graphic organizers, each focusing on a particular decade.  And the focus of each graphic organizer was not on an event that would be typically covered in a history textbook, but was more of cultural importance to Americans during the decade.  These graphic organizers were set up to be done while viewing a short segment from www.history.com, that was already pre-set on a computer in another location.

Students would review the video, and be annotating the event/subject using the graphic organizer, and then the last question encourages the students to identify how the event/subject impacts today's world and on the student.  These projects were done to encoruage students in developing how news and historical events can and do impact their lives today.