Children's Stories revisited 1

Children's Stories revisited 1

Comparing real and pretend

Have you ever been around someone and did not like them at all at first?

Have you later on made friends with them?

Students have you ever heard of the story, "Beauty and the Beast"?

You may have read it or watched a video or watched a movie of it.  It is a fun story of two people who meet and what happens to them.  They are definitely different.  They came from two totally different backgrounds.  

Have you ever played a game pretending to be something magical or be a super hero or something else?

Can you each share about playing and pretending?

Was that real or just pretend?

Now lets talk about "Beauty and the Beast", was it real or pretend?

Lets divide into groups and discuss this.  Now go on an IPAD or computer device and type in this search.

the real Beauty and the Beast

Survey of Beauty and the Beast

Students do you enjoy doing surveys?

If you do, make a list of questions like the following and with your teacher's guidance survey some other staff members.

1.  Have you heard of "The Beauty and the Beast"?

2.  Is it a real story?

3.  Was there really a man called the "Beast"?

4.  Did a girl really marry him?

5.  Did they have children?

If you make separate surveys and fill out each one on one staff member, then you can tally the results and make a graph of the results to go back and share with those staff members.