Analyzing Poetic Language In Music

Utilizing Student Choice in a Literary/ Poetic Summative Assessment

I have used this project as a summative assessment at the end of the school year for many years across two grade levels (6th and 8th). It has taken multiple formats as my students choose the medium that they utilize.

I have also included an essay requirement for my 8th grade students and have been completely blown away by their writing development. When I choose to add a writing element, I connect it to an overarching theme of our learning or an essential question. For example, an essential question that I might use during the year might be, how can we encourage positive change in our society?

Students would then choose songs that are meaningful to them that have the theme of change. Once they complete the project, they would then write their essay using an expository writing format that explains how each song they chose is related to a theme or essential question we covered that year.

This is a project that students enjoy because they get to choose music which they relate to as they demonstrate their learning.