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Equivalent Ratios

Work Time

Equivalent Ratios

  1. Which of these ratios are equivalent?
    a. 2:5
    b. 100:240
    c. 40%
    d. 512
    e. 1:212
    f. 0.4
    g. 25
    h. 41.66666...%
    i. 5:1212

  2. Choose one of your sets of equivalent ratios in problem 1. Represent the set of equivalent ratios using one of these models:

    • Tape diagram
    • Ratio table
    • Double number line
    • Graph
  3. Now choose another type of model to represent the same set of equivalent ratios you chose in problem 2.

  4. Share your models for problems 2 and 3 with a partner. Develop or refine your models as needed together.