Understanding Distance & Coordinates

Subtraction as Distance

Formative Assessment

Summary of the Math: Subtraction as Distance

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Subtraction can be looked at as the distance between two numbers.

You can use the number line to model the subtraction ab as distance, where a and b are any two numbers (positive or negative), as follows.

  • Locate points a and b.
  • Find the distance between points a and b. This value will be a positive number, because a distance is always positive.
  • Determine the sign of the distance value in order to find the answer to the subtraction problem. The value of a − b is:
    • Positive if a > b (if a is to the right of b on the number line).
    • Negative if a < b (if a is to the left of b on the number line).


Can you:

  • Explain the method for subtracting integers by finding the distance between two points on a number line?