Gallery Problems Exercise

Solving Percent Problems

Work Time

Solving Percent Problems

For each problem, transfer the known information in the problem to the table to organize your thinking.

Solve the problem by yourself using a calculator and fill in the table.

In the “Operation” column, write the operation and value needed to change from the starting amount to the final amount, for example, “× 1.05” for a 5% increase.

  • Lena is raising rabbits. A month ago, she had 40 rabbits. Since then, the number of rabbits has increased by 45%. How many does she have now?

  • The label on a pair of denim jeans says that the jeans might shrink up to 5% in the wash. The inseam measures 80 centimeters. What is the least length to which the inseam can shrink?

  • Pablo now weighs 192 pounds. Over the past year, his weight has increased by 20%. What did Pablo weigh a year ago?

  • The price of a TV has dropped by 20% over the past five years. If the TV now costs $500, what did it cost five years ago?

  • Five years ago there were 360 crimes in a certain city. This last year there have been 864 crimes. What is the percent increase over this period?

  • Mrs. Abir bought a car for $8,000 last year. This year the car is worth $6,800. By what percentage did that car decrease in value?

HANDOUT: Solving Percent Problems: Lena
HANDOUT: Solving Percent Problems: Jeans
HANDOUT: Solving Percent Problems: Pablo
HANDOUT: Solving Percent Problems: TV
HANDOUT: Solving Percent Problems: Crime
HANDOUT: Solving Percent Problems: Mrs. Abir