Applying Scale to Project

Project Work

Work Time

Project Work

Today you will use scale to determine measures of your buildings. You will use the scale 20:1—that is, 20 ft to 1 in.

Follow these steps for each of your model buildings. Keep the rubric in mind as you work on your project.

  • Decide on a height for the full-size building. (It should not be taller than 200 ft.)
  • Use the scale to calculate the height of your model building based on the height of the full-size building.
  • Measure the dimensions of the polygon base you made in the first project lesson.
  • Using the scale, calculate the dimensions of the base of the full-size building.
  • Determine the area of the base of the full-size building.
  • Draw a sketch to show what your model building will look like.


  • As you work, use the project rubric to evaluate your progress and make sure you are on the right track.