The Founders' American Dreams

The Founders' American Dreams

Purpose of Government


Complete the following sentence.

  • “The purpose of government is . . .”

Write down and share your ideas with the class.

Classroom Trends

Work Time

Think about what your classmates see as the purpose of government. Write down your thoughts in response to these questions.

  • What trends do you notice?
  • What kinds of things do people see as the responsibility of the government?
  • By extension, what do you and your classmates not see as the responsibility of the government?


Preamble to the U.S. Constitution

Dialectical Journal

Work Time

Examine the Sample Dialectical Journal. Follow along as your teacher explains the example, and ask your teacher any questions you have about how to complete this kind of assignment. You will be finding at least three quotations today.

Then, create your own Dialectical Journal.

  • Choose three quotations from the Preamble.
  • Complete a Dialectical Journal entry for each quotation.


Roles of Government

Work Time

Share your thoughts from your Dialectical Journal entries with your classmates.

  • What did the writers of the Constitution see as key roles of government?
  • How does, or can, government fulfill these roles?

Journal Entry 3

Work Time

Based on your reading, analysis, and discussion, write Journal Entry 3 in response to these questions.

  • Does government have any significant role in the creation or protection of the American Dream? Should it?
  • What did the Founders see as the American Dream?


Independent Reading Group

Work Time

Your teacher will assign you to a reading group based on your selections from the previous lesson.

Throughout the unit, you will be reading your Independent Reading book for homework.

You will complete an ongoing Dialectical Journal for your book with an average of two entries each day.

  • Join your group, and complete the tasks on the Independent Reading Group Organizer.

Reading Group Discussion


Meet with your group and read the first couple of pages aloud. Discuss these questions.

  • What do you notice about the writing style? The narration?
  • Do you have any information about the setting—where and when the story takes place?

Reading and Analysis


Homework Reading and Analysis

Complete the following tasks for homework.

  • Get a copy of your book and begin reading.
  • Create an Independent Reading Group Dialectical Journal in your notebok.
  • Complete your first set of Dialectical Journal entries, which can include connections, personal responses, questions, and inferences.

Independent Reading Dialectical Journal