Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights Brainstorm


Think about what you know about the Bill of Rights.

  • Brainstorm as many rights as you can think of that you believe are contained in the first 10 amendments to the Constitution.

Write, then share what you know about the Bill of Rights with the rest of the class.

Group Work Discussion

Work Time

Return to the list your class created about positive collaboration.

Listen as your teacher prepares the class for working with groups, and use these questions to guide your thinking.

  • Are there any differences between partner work and group work?
  • How is group work easier or more complicated?
  • Which do you prefer and why?

First Amendment Annotation Practice

Work Time

Follow along as your teacher does a close reading and annotation of the First Amendment.

  • Help your teacher think of how to summarize this amendment for a modern audience.

Group Reading and Summary

Work Time

With your group, complete a close reading of the amendment(s) assigned to you.

  • Write a short summary of each that is geared to a modern audience.

When all the groups are ready, present your work to the class.

Your Changes to the Bill of Rights


Complete Journal Entry 4 by answering the following questions.

  • What is one thing you might change about the Bill of Rights?
  • Is anything missing from the Bill of Rights—or is anything included that shouldn’t be? Explain.


Reading and Journal Entry


Continue reading your Independent Reading book.

Make sure to complete Independent Reading Dialectical Journal entries.