American Dream Convention

American Dream Convention

Character Reflection


In your notebook, reflect on the following prompt.

  • If you could see someone online—perhaps on a social network page or blog—but did not yet know him or her personally, what would you look for to figure out what kind of person he or she is?
  • List the qualities you would deem important to check.


Character Class Discussion

Work Time

Share your insights with the whole class. Use the questions below to guide your discussion.

  • What do you and your classmates look at to tell what kind of person someone is?
  • How do people reveal their characters electronically?
  • How do people reveal their characters in real life?
  • Do you think the judgments you make, whether online or in person, are fair?


Character Page

Work Time

With your group, select the background information about your character from the options on the next page and read your document.

  • Annotate for details that give you clues about what your character was like as a person.
  • Then create a character profile page describing your character: include your character’s “likes,” friends, key events in his or her life, and any other details you think are important.

Remember, each person in the group should have the character profile page so he or she can share it with others in the next task.

Comments on Characters

Work Time

With students from other character-based groups, share the character profile pages you created. As you review your classmates’ character profile pages, think about how your character would respond.

  • Staying in character, write a one-sentence response to each character profile page.

Write and then compare your responses with those of your other group members.

Character Group Share


Return to your character-based small group and share the comments you received from your classmates.

Use the questions below to guide your discussion.

  • How were the comments similar? Different?
  • Which characters do you think would be most likely to want to converse with your character? Why?

Independent Reading and Journals


Continue with your Independent Reading and Dialectical Journal entries.