Informational Writing

Informational Writing

Informational Writing


Write a brief response to this question.

  • What do you already know about informational writing?

Write and share what you know with the class.

Benchmark (Cold Write): Informational

Work Time

Now you will write your informational piece. Remember that an informational piece is a text that gives facts and information about a topic. It can also be writing that explains something.

You will have 20 minutes to write your informational piece.

  • Write a brief informational piece in response to the prompt.

Reflection on Presentations

Work Time

Based on the work you have done so far and on your own experience, create two lists.

  • What do you think are key strategies to convince people?
  • What do you think are key qualities of a convincing presentation?


Strategies and Arguments Share

Work Time

Share your responses with your classmates to compile a class list.

  • Listen as your classmates share their ideas, and make a note of any ideas you may have missed.

Open Notebook

Criteria for Excellence

Work Time

With your teacher, develop a list of “criteria for excellence” to evaluate group presentations.

Group Argument Planning

Work Time

With your group, use the Argument Development Organizer to flesh out the key parts of your presentation.

You may want to split up the tasks on the organizer to complete them in a timely way.

Character Slogan


  • With your group, create a slogan for your character’s vision of the American Dream.
  • Think of advertising slogans you know to get started.
  • Your slogan should be about three to six words long and should capture the essence of your message in a catchy way.

Independent Work


Continue reading your Independent Reading book and completing your Dialectical Journal entries.