Project Presentation

Project Presentation

Presentation Prep


As you present, remember to do the following.

  • Give details about the time period in America that you were assigned.
  • Discuss the authors you chose, and why you chose them.
  • Discuss the stories you chose for each author, and why you chose them.
  • Have each group member briefly discuss the literary analysis essay with the class, explaining why he or she chose the short stories selected for the paper and how they relate to the group’s time period.

Group Presentations

Work Time

As you are listening to each presentation, do the following.

  • Take notes and develop questions you would like to ask.
  • Select a story from each group’s collection that you would like to read.

Open Notebook

Reading and Dialectical Journal


  • Read two stories from those presented in this lesson (other than your own).
  • For each story, write a Short Stories Dialectical Journal entry.
  • For each story, add notes to your Dialectical Journal entry about insights you gained about America, Americans, or the American experience in the period of time in which the story was set or written.

If you are not able to finish in class, you can complete this assignment for homework.

Essay Draft


  • Complete the reading and assignment.
  • Complete a full working draft of your literary analysis essay for review during Lesson 27.