Small Group Analysis

Small Group Analysis

Essay Reflection


Think back to the short essays you wrote on “The Wife of His Youth” and “A Warrior’s Daughter.”

Complete a Quick Write on the following questions.

  • What did you learn about yourself as a writer and thinker from that essay?
  • How can you apply those lessons to the longer paper you are working on now?

Open Notebook

Group Process Review

Work Time

You will be working again in small writing groups and you will follow the same protocol as you did for your short paper in Episode 2.

  • One group member, the writer, reads his or her own paper aloud.
  • Other group members take notes or write down comments and questions without interruption.
  • Group members share comments and questions, focusing on how the writer could achieve a top score on the rubric. The writer notes group members’ ideas but does not respond until everyone has shared.
  • The writer responds and asks question about the group members’ comments.
  • The group repeats the process for each group member.

Essay Feedback

Work Time

In your groups, share your literary analysis papers by following the writing group protocol.

  • Review the Grade 11 Informational Writing Rubric.
  • Follow the writing group protocol.
  • Use the rubric as a tool to locate strengths and weaknesses in your peers’ papers.

Final Essay Planning


Respond to the following question.

  • What feedback from today’s lesson will you incorporate into your essay?
  • What will be the focus of your work as you finish the essay?

Open Notebook

Literary Analysis Essay


  • Polish your literary analysis paper, as you will submit it to your teacher in the next lesson.
  • Plan to give a 1- to 2-minute presentation to the class.

Reminder: Your Independent Reading Journal is also due in the next lesson.