Character Analysis

The Dialectical Journal

Work Time

The Dialectical Journal is a double-entry journal that will help you think more clearly about your chosen passages and help you remember what you read.

  • Create a Much Ado About Nothing Dialectical Journal in your Notebook, based on the sample.
  • As you read the play, look for passages that are of interest to you. What is beautiful? What is unclear or puzzling? What is interesting? What tells you about a character’s true intentions? Put these passages’ act, scene, and line numbers in the left-hand column.
  • As soon as you put a passage in the left-hand column, comment on that passage in the commentary space to the right of the passage. The types of comments may include questions regarding, or reactions to, plot, characterization, relationships, or setting.
  • You must have at least two entries per scene, but you should be able to find four or five passages per scene on which to comment.