Shakespeare Performed

Shakespeare Performed

Sonnet Quick Write


Submit your Much Ado About Nothing Dialectical Journal entries as well as the final draft of your sonnet. Next, answer the following questions.

  • Now that you’ve written your own sonnet, what have you learned about writing in iambic pentameter?
  • Does it change your opinion or appreciation of Shakespeare’s work?

Open Notebook

When your teacher calls time, share your thoughts with the class.

Scene Memorization Assignment

Work Time

Your teacher will explain your scene memorization assignment. In a few minutes, you will get to see examples of different actors bringing Shakespeare’s words to life.

  • You are not expected to put on a polished dramatic presentation as they do, but you are expected to go beyond simply speaking the lines without inflection or meaning. Each student will present at least 15 lines.
  • You’ll be able to choose your scene and whether you want to present alone or with a partner. Since the presentations won’t happen until you’ve finished reading the play, the most important thing to do now is to keep your eye out for a passage that you like.

The First Opening

Work Time

You will view the opening of the play as interpreted by one director. You’ll probably notice some differences between the opening of the play as it’s written and as it appears in the film.

As you watch, take notes and be sure to think about the following.

  • Did the movie help you understand the play?
  • Discuss the casting of roles. What worked for you, and what didn’t?
  • What differences do you see from the text of the play?

Open Notebook

The Second Opening

Work Time

You will now be shown a clip from another version of this part of the play. Again, be sure to pay attention to both what is similar to what you’ve already seen and read and what is different.

  • Take notes on what you notice.

Open Notebook

Version One Versus Version Two

Work Time

Now that you’ve seen the opening of two different film versions of Much Ado About Nothing , which version did you enjoy more?

  • Do a Quick Write to explain your opinion.

Open Notebook

When you’ve finished, share your Quick Write response with a partner.

Together, be sure to also consider what you have learned about the characters from seeing the performances. Did anything surprise you?

The Action So Far

Work Time

What is happening so far in the play? You should be caught up through act 1, scene 3. Answer the following questions with the class.

  • By what qualities are the characters judging each other? What seems to be important to them?
  • How realistic are these values?
  • How are women seen in this act? Can you identify them from the profiles you saw in The Good and the Badde ?
  • By today’s standards, how would you judge each of the main characters? Would you have the same opinions that they do?
  • Note the final scene in act 1, where Don John shows how devious he is. Is this melodramatic or realistic?

Act 2, Scene 1 Introduction


Listen as your teacher introduces act 2, scene 1 and describes where it will fit on this five-act play’s arc.

  • Next, begin reading act 2, scene 1 on your own.
  • Note your questions and challenges.