Humor In Language

Humor In Language

Act 3, Scene 3 Language Questions


With one or two of your classmates, compare the lists that you made for homework of problems and confusing words from act 3, scene 3.

  • Did you share any of the same problems? Can others in the group help clear up your confusion?
  • As you discuss, be sure to also share your understanding of what happens in act 3, scene 3.
  • Make a list of questions that you still have, and be ready to discuss them with your class.

Open Notebook

Act 3, Scene 3

Work Time

This is the time to discuss with your teacher all of the problems you had that your group was unable to clarify for you. Listen carefully to what your classmates bring up, and help them out if you can.

  • What does your class think about this scene and its humor?
  • Can you identify specific parts that made you laugh?
  • Are other parts funny now that you understand more of Shakespeare’s jokes?

Act 3, Scene 3 Staged

Work Time

Your teacher will show you a clip from this section of the play. As you watch, pay attention to what you do and don’t find funny.

Afterward, discuss these questions, first with a partner and then with the class.

  • Do you find this scene funnier now that you have seen it performed?
  • Are there parts that you understand better as a viewer than you did as a reader? What were they?
  • Are there places where the film is harder to follow than the text of the play? Where?

Act 3, Scenes 4 and 5 Read Aloud


In a small group, read and annotate act 3, scene 4, as well as act 3, scene 5.

  • These are short scenes; you will begin reading in class and complete what you don’t finish for homework.
  • As you’ve done before, assign parts to different members of your group, and pause after each page to make sure everyone understands what happened.

Don’t forget to write in your Much Ado About Nothing Dialectical Journal. The act 3 Dialectical Journal entries are due in the next lesson.

Act 3, Scenes 4 and 5


  • Finish reading act 3. Complete your Much Ado About Nothing Dialectical Journal entries for act 3, and submit them at the beginning of the next class.​