Character Chart

Character Chart

Final Predictions, Please


The denouement!

  • Predict exactly what you think is going to happen in this last scene of the play.

Open Notebook

Act 5, Scene 4 Read Aloud

Work Time

Your teacher will assign the various roles for this scene. Please consider volunteering to read.

  • Begin the scene, with various students reading the roles of the different characters.
  • If you have questions or need clarification, wait until you have finished the scene.

Act 5, Scene 4 Discussion

Work Time

Discuss any problems or comments you have about this scene first with your partner and then with your class.

  • As you discuss in pairs, make sure to jot down any questions or comments you have so you can share them with the class.
  • Next, check in with your class. What do you think of the ending? What did your classmates notice? Can you help answer any of their questions?
  • Finally, was your prediction accurate? If not, what did you get wrong? Why do you think that was?

Open Notebook

Character Chart Final Edits

Work Time

At this point, your Much Ado About Nothing Character Chart may show that some characters changed over the course of the play. As you head toward your final assignments, think about who they are, how they changed, and why.

  • Return to your Character Chart and edit it for the last time.
  • Make sure you add all the final details about what the last scene in the play revealed.

Topic and Theme

Work Time

Complete a Quick Write that answers the following two questions.

  • What is a topic of this play?
  • What is the theme of this play?

Open Notebook

Submit your Quick Write to your teacher.

Upcoming Assignments


Your teacher will re-explain your two upcoming assignments: your line memorization and presentation and your Prompt Book.

  • If you have any questions about these two ongoing assignments, now is the time to ask them.
  • By the end of this lesson, everyone in the class should have chosen a scene to perform.
  • Be sure you understand how the Prompt Book works. You will do a lot of the work for this project at home, so it’s important that you ask your questions in class.

Dialectical Journal Completion


  • Finish your Much Ado About Nothing Dialectical Journal entries for act 5. They are due at the beginning of the next lesson.
  • Be sure to take a look at your performance scene. You’ll be practicing it with a partner during the next lesson.