Novel Settings

Novel Settings



Listen as your teacher reminds you of the term setting , and then look at the way Dickens creates setting in the early section of the novel.

A Tableau

Work Time

A tableau vivant, or a live painting, provided Victorians, who had no television after all, with hours of entertainment.

Join a group as directed and together review the section of text that you have been assigned. Then do the following.

  • Choose a scene from within your section of text that you find meaningful, and work to reveal the feeling of the scene in your tableau .
  • Then assign roles and create a live painting—a tableau —to illustrate a scene from the reading.

Tableau Presentations

Work Time

When directed, rejoin the class.

  • When it is your group’s turn, share your tableau with the whole class.
  • Pay careful attention while other groups are presenting their own tableau .
  • Jot down your impressions of the feeling and impact of the presentations made by other groups.

Open Notebook

Serial Dickens


The novel will take us on a journey, which is symbolized by the carriage. Since Dickens wrote his novels in serial form, or in pieces, he deliberately kept his readers guessing, just as travelers journeying by carriage wonder what they will see next.

  • Think about the first section of the novel that you have just read.
  • Jot down annotations about details that still seem unclear or mysterious to you.

Share your thoughts and questions with the class.