Old Bailey Courtroom

Old Bailey Courtroom



We are starting to see a pattern of unfairness—or injustice—in the novel. With your classmates, discuss the following.

  • In general, where do things seem unfair in England? In France?
  • As you read about Darnay’s trial, you probably had opinions about the way the court was conducted. Do you think Darnay is getting a fair trial?

Close Reading, Book II

Work Time

Listen as your teacher reads aloud the opening paragraph of Book II, Chapter 3. Notice that the narrator himself takes on different voices or roles.

  • Annotate the paragraph and mark the shifts as you hear them.

Darnay's Trial Group Reading

Work Time

First, listen as your teacher assigns roles. Then, follow the instructions to perform the script.

  • If you are assigned a character, look over your script briefly and prepare to perform.
  • If you are assigned the role of courtroom spectator, you will need to contribute as well, so be ready.
  • While the script is being performed, notice the feeling that the scene creates in you and in your classmates.
  • Notice too whatever you may not have noticed in silent reading about any of the characters.

Darnay's Trial Discussion

Work Time

After the performance of the script, join the whole class in a discussion about what you created and saw.

  • What feeling did this court scene create in you? Point to specific moments that contributed to that feeling.
  • What did you notice about the main characters? Did the performance change or deepen your impression of any of the main characters in the scene?
  • What is your opinion of Lucie? Of Carton? What specific language or behavior creates those impressions?

Book II, Chapter 4 Read Aloud and Quick Write


After listening to your teacher and your classmates read aloud the final three paragraphs of Book II, Chapter 4, in a Quick Write, answer the following questions.

  • What is your opinion of Sidney Carton at this point?
  • How does Carton feel about Lucie? How do you know?
  • Carton saves the day in these chapters, yet does he fit your idea of a hero?

Open Notebook

Book II, Chapters 5 and 6