Argument Evaluation

Intro and Thesis Revision

Work Time

An introduction is a chance for your reader to understand what the topic of the paper is, what stories and other texts the paper will look at, and what the paper’s main argument—the thesis—will be.

In order to accomplish that purpose, an introduction typically has:

  • A smooth introduction to the topic—not a cheesy hook or a bland, general statement.
  • An appropriate level of formality.
  • A thesis that is specific, challenging, and based on evidence the paper will provide and analyze.

If you feel stuck as you search for ways to make your introduction interesting, look back over the first sentences of paragraphs in “Are you a Digital Native?” and “Social Networks: What Maslow Misses” for effective ways to introduce concepts and engage an audience.

  • Using your notes on the articles and video, revise your working thesis.
  • Then begin writing the introduction of your essay.

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