Museum Exhibit Team Review

Museum Exhibit Team Review

Viking Voyage Exploration


View the exhibit on the Viking Voyage and examine some of the methods they use to give the exhibit a clear theme.

With your team, find two or three examples of efforts the creators made to state a clear theme for their exhibit. Make notes on the questions below.

  • What is the theme and purpose of this online exhibit?
  • How did the creators of this exhibit make that theme clear?
  • How will you develop a clear theme and purpose in your own exhibit?
  • How will you make that theme clear as early as possible in your audience’s experience with your exhibit?

Open Notebook

Remember to add any notes that could be helpful for your exhibit into the document you created in Lesson 3.

Work Plan 1

Work Time

Before you begin work, glance at the next task and then take 5 minutes to write a plan about what you will do during the work session in this lesson.

As you did in previous lessons, make notes on the following questions.

  • Will you work together with other students? Who?
  • What do you plan to accomplish in the work session?
  • What do you think will be the hardest element of the tasks you’re setting for yourself? Why?
  • What do you think will be the easiest element of the tasks you’re setting for yourself? Why?

Open Notebook

Group Exhibit Work

Work Time

You have several options for this independent work time.

  • Look at more articles that can help you expand your understanding of what it means to be a Digital Native.
  • Explore more museum exhibits that can help expand your understanding of how a good museum exhibit fits together.
  • Develop artifacts for your exhibit, to plan your exhibit’s structure, write placards for artifacts, or engage in other activities to develop an excellent exhibit.

Open Notebook

Make sure to coordinate with your group, and remember that you will have to submit your annotated articles on specific dates and also share your progress on your artifact and placard with your teacher.

Exhibit Status Report 1


Before the lesson ends, assess your work for the day by answering these questions.

  • With whom did you work?
  • What did you accomplish during the work session?
  • How accurate was your plan?
    • If you had to adapt and do something other than what you planned, why did you change your plans?
  • What turned out to be the easiest part? Why?
  • What turned out to be the hardest part? Why?
  • What is your top priority for the next work session?

Open Notebook

When you finish, share your answers with your teacher.

Individual Exhibit Work


Some work is best accomplished outside of class. For example, are there…

  • Photos that you can take of people using technology in public places?
  • Interviews you want to record or film with Digital Immigrants?
  • Stories or allegories you want to write about being a Digital Native?
  • Pieces of artwork you want to create at home or in art class?
  • Historical issues you want to research?
  • Choose the work that is most useful to your exhibit and start on it for homework. You will be submitting work on your articles, your artifacts, and your placards to your teacher in the upcoming lessons.