Digital Native Culture

Digital Native Culture

Preserving What?s Important


Your teacher will guide you as you explore the exhibit on the Early Americas and consider the following issues:

  • How does this exhibit attempt to capture a specific time and place in history?
  • How does the exhibit identify the most meaningful aspects of that time and place?

Then, in your museum exhibit team, look further into the exhibit. Do the following.

  • Choose one key example of something the exhibit does to identify what’s important and worth preserving from the early Americas.
  • Be prepared to share your example and ideas in the next section of the lesson.
  • Designate one group member to do the sharing. It should be a member of the group who has not yet performed this duty.

Preservation Class Discussion

Work Time

Share your example with the class along with your understanding of what it does to preserve something important for future generations.

Then participate in a Whole Group Discussion that touches on some of the following issues.

  • What knowledge is preserved for future generations?
  • How does this exhibit identify what’s worth preserving from the specific times and places it deals with?
  • How does the exhibit invite you to question, challenge, or reject the truths you are used to accepting on a daily basis?

Work Plan 5

Work Time

Before you begin work, look at the suggestions from the next task and take 5 minutes to write a plan for what you will do during the work session in this lesson. Review the feedback you got on your first article and consider how you will use it to integrate your research more effectively into your exhibit.

Answer the following questions in writing.

  • Will you work together with other students? Who?
  • What do you plan to accomplish in the work session?
  • How will you use your teacher’s feedback to integrate research more effectively into your exhibit?
  • What artifacts, placards, or storytelling material would benefit from more research?

Open Notebook

When you finish, share your plan with your teacher.

Group Exhibit Work

Work Time

Only three more work sessions remain after today, so plan accordingly. Choose from the following list of tasks.

  • Revisit your first round of research to find ways to better integrate it into your exhibit.
  • Work on improving interactivity and cohesion. Remember that a great exhibit isn’t simply a collection of objects but is instead a story told with them.
  • Your teacher may also ask you to work on a new artifact today. Your subgroup will submit this artifact and its placard in Lesson 25. (If your teacher does not assign an additional artifact, you will revise and resubmit your first artifact and placard.)

Exhibit Status Report 5


Before the lesson ends, assess your work for the day by answering these questions in writing.

  • With whom did you work?
  • What did you accomplish during the work session?
  • What remains to be done for your exhibit?
  • If applicable, what is the new artifact you’re working on? What role will it play in the story of your exhibit?

Open Notebook

When you finish, share your writing with your teacher.

Artifact Development


  • Work on revising your first artifact, developing your second artifact, or developing any other exhibit materials that still need to be created or revised.

You will either resubmit your first artifact or submit your second one in Lesson 25.