Annotations & Article Discussion

Annotations & Article Discussion

Body Image


Return to the articles you read for homework, “Don’t Alter Models’ Bodies” and “Is Photoshop Destroying America’s Body Image?”

  • Share your annotations and ideas about the two pieces about altering photographs with a partner.
  • Generate questions you both have about the article, and be prepared to share them and your notes with the whole class.

Share any questions you have about the articles and your annotations with the whole class. Then discuss the following questions.

  • Is the manipulation of photographs in magazines cheating?
  • Are teenage girls more susceptible to self-image issues than boys? Are photographs of males in magazines sometimes manipulated?
  • Is it cheating to Photoshop a profile picture on a Facebook page?
  • Is an actor cheating when she or he sends out altered headshots?

What Is Wrong With It?

Work Time

Complete a Quick Write.

  • What, if anything, is wrong with manipulating photographs in magazines? Explain your answer.

Open Notebook

Share your Quick Write responses within your small group.

Regulating Photoshop

Work Time

Imagine that you are preparing to debate about the issue of regulating Photoshop. Your teacher will assign you your position, pro or con, on the statement:

  • The use of Photoshop in magazines should be regulated.

If you have any questions about what is meant by “regulating,” raise them now.

  • Work with your group to develop one or two arguments (reasons, evidence, and explanations) to support your assigned position.
  • If called on, have one of your small group members share your argument with the whole group.
  • When you hear arguments from those who are assigned to oppose your argument, jot down their ideas to use as counterarguments.

Open Notebook