Analyzing Character Perception

Analyzing Character Perception



Complete a Quick Write. You do not have to try to answer every question. Rather, you should answer the ones you feel most strongly about.

  • If you were going to describe your community to someone who was not familiar with it, what details would you share?
  • Think about the things you take for granted, but someone else might not know: how does a person earn respect—through athletic prowess, academic success, kindness, accumulation of wealth, something entirely different?
  • What does it mean to succeed? Does “success” mean something different for men versus women?
  • How do children interact with their parents? With their friends?
  • How does the community react when something bad happens, or celebrate when something good happens?
  • How does a person know that he or she is part of this community?

Open Notebook

Share your work and your response with your classmates. What defines a community?

Dialectical Journal

Work Time

Today you will examine the first two chapters of Things Fall Apart , looking for clues about Umuofian society.

One way to interact with important parts of a text is by using a Dialectical Journal . A Dialectical Journal is a chart where you list key lines or quotations from the text and comment on their significance or ask questions about them.

  • Create a Dialectical Journal #1 in your notebook.
  • Work with your teacher to come up with a couple of examples of Dialectical Journal entries for Things Fall Apart .
  • Ask your teacher any questions you have about how to complete three more entries on your own.

Things Fall Apart, Chapters 1 and 2

Work Time

With your character group, continue looking for clues about Umuofian society in Chapters 1 and 2 of Things Fall Apart .

  • Record and define unfamiliar vocabulary words, adding to the Personal Glossary you began for homework.
  • Add at least three quotations to your Dialectical Journal.

Your group may choose to split up the chapters so that all sections are covered and you don’t repeat each other.

Umuofian Society

Work Time

Share your findings with your group, and discuss.

  • What are the defining characteristics of Umuofian society?
  • Are there any ideas that come up repeatedly in this chapter?
  • How would your character describe this society—would he or she like it? Why or why not?

Open Notebook

Share some of your findings with your class.

Character Journal Entry


Complete a character journal entry in your notebook from your character’s point of view.

  • What does your character believe about Umuofian society?

Open Notebook

Be sure to use direct references to the text. Share this journal entry with your community group.

Personal Journal - Entry #5 and Things Fall Apart


Complete another personal journal entry.

  • Look back at your description of your community from the Opening. What qualities of your community do you particularly like or dislike? Describe a time when you either fit in to the norms for your community, or stood out for one reason or another. Was this fitting in or standing out an intentional choice? Why did you do so, and what was the effect?

Open Notebook

Return to your community group’s entries and read through those from this lesson. Continue the conversation, commenting on at least one other entry or reply.

Read Chapters 3 and 4 of Things Fall Apart . Continue to add to your Personal Glossary as you read.