A Debate On Perspectives

Discussion Preparation

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Go over Discussion Preparation 2 with your teacher and ask any questions you have. Then, prepare for the discussion with your character group members. Discussion Preparation 2 contains questions you may analyze in the second class discussion. For each question, write your answer from the point of view of your character . Then decide how you will back up your viewpoint. What evidence (quotations) can you find in the novel to support your character's opinion? Finally, think about possible counterarguments: things others might say to refute your points. How would your character respond to these counterarguments?

  • Complete Discussion Preparation 2 with your character group.
  • After you complete Discussion Preparation 2, list and answer any additional discussion questions that illuminate the role of Christianity in Igbo society in your Notebook.

Open Notebook

A different speaker will represent your group this discussion.

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