Survey Discussion On Law & Justice

Survey Discussion On Law & Justice

Justice: Take a Stand


Take a survey.

  • Complete Justice: Take a Stand and submit your responses.
  • Find a partner and discuss why you responded to the statements as you did.
  • Then discuss the survey with your classmates. Support your opinions with evidence, examples, and reasons.

Strongly Agree or Disagree

Work Time

Complete a Quick Write:

  • Choose one of the statements from Justice: Take a Stand that you strongly agreed or strongly disagreed with, and explain your position.

Open Notebook

Share your Quick Write with a partner.

Later in the unit, you will revisit Justice: Take a Stand to see if any of your positions have strengthened, weakened, or otherwise changed.

The class will discuss these issues throughout the unit, but especially during the first half, where the focus will be on the law.

Independent Reading Group Novel

Work Time

The Unit Accomplishments for this unit are the following:

  • Read and annotate Antigone , “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” and Pygmalion.
  • Write a literary analysis showing the effect of social class or the law on a character’s life.

In preparation for the second accomplishment, you’ll read a novel with your Independent Reading Group.

  • Read the description of the Independent Reading Group Novel assignment. Review it with your classmates and take notes.
  • Find the Independent Reading texts in More to Explore. At the end of Lesson 3, you will indicate your top two choices and meet with your Independent Reading Group soon after. Read over the short description of each book and ask questions that can help you make a decision.

Guiding Questions


Respond to two of the unit’s Guiding Questions.

  • How does social class affect a person in dealing with the law (protect a person, hurt a person)?
  • How is social class determined in America and in other places in the world?

Open Notebook

Discuss your responses with your classmates.



Consider your Independent Reading Group Novel options.

  • Take some time to research the options for your Independent Reading Group Novel. You might want to ask a parent, teacher, or friend for a recommendation for which title to read.