Group Discussion

Group Discussion



With the help of your teacher, form groups of three.

Think about the characters and situations you have read about in this unit: Antigone in Antigone ; Henry David Thoreau, writer of “On the Duty of Civil Disobedience”; and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., author of “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”

Discuss the relative courage of each of the three in your small groups and then with the whole class.

  • How would you rate each of them in terms of the following character traits: bravery, virtue, honor, and self-sacrifice?

Who Is the Most Courageous?

Work Time

After hearing the ideas of your classmates and thinking about civil disobedience from these three persons, decide which of them is the most courageous.

  • Write a short argument explaining why you think your choice is most courageous, what criteria you used, and how the other two fell short in your opinion.

Open Notebook

When you have finished, submit your writing to your teacher.

The Role of Social Class


Complete a Quick Write.

  • How would you describe the social classes of Antigone and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Did Antigone’s social class hurt her or help her? Did Dr. King’s social class help him or hurt him?

Open Notebook

Then share your response with a partner.

In the next episode, you’ll read a play from the early 20th century, George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion , named after another Greek myth. The play emphasizes the social classes of the characters.

Independent Reading


Continue your ongoing homework assignment.

  • Read your Independent Reading Group Novel.
  • Remember to submit two journal entries a week to your teacher and publish some of your journal entries so others can read your work.